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Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP
Tel: 225-938-4177

40028 Pintail Court
Gonzales, LA 70737

Small Business Sales and Leadership Speaker
Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP

Small business leadership and sales speaker, Marvin LeBlanc is a lifelong entrepreneur whose motivational speaking is built around an ongoing active engagement in the insurance and financial services industry.

Come Together!

"Marvelous Marvin LeBlanc's book, 'Come Hell or High Water,' is about his experiences
as a New Orleans Insurance agent when Katrina hit. It is a marvelous story of how
one man overcame impossible odds and not only helped his clients but his whole community. The book would make a great gift for friends in business of any type. We all have our own Katrinas whether it is a natural calamity, serious accident, health problems, or losses of important people in our lives." -Brooks Tish 

Give Your Team the Tools for Marvelous Performance

Marvin graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Hurricane Katrina. His double major in Adversity & High Performance is his passionate focus as he conducts his Marvelous Performance Schools throughout the nation.

You too can learn these Essential Performance Systems - safely - outside of the "eye of the Hurricane!" If you want to help your people...
  • Overcome Adversity and Fear
  • Boost Performance No Matter What
  • Inspire Your Team's Highest Contribution and Commitment
  • Sell More - More Effectively and More Easily
  • Skyrocket Referral Generation
  • Unleash the Best-Kept Secrets of Growing Your Business

...You're in the right place.

The owner of Marvelous Performance Systems, Marvin is available for business retreats, workshops, conventions, banquets, seminars and other functions designed to build teams, empower employees and inspire individuals to achieve their dreams.

Amazon #1 Bestseller: Come Hell or High Water

new orleans motivational speaker kindle

This is Marvin's story filled with lessons both personal and professional that took him from Katrina to Chairman’s Circle. 

"I read your book last night and I will read it again through the 21 day process starting Monday. I am going to recommit to my agency and to my personal goals. I will no longer let my circumstances define me. Your book reminded me of where I came from and who I want to be. Thanks so much for all you do."
-- Brian Bellomy