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Motivational Speaker- Marvin LeBlanc

“If all other things are equal, a passionate person will outperform someone less passionate, because the passionate person attracts more people to them on a day to day basis."

Marvin LeBlanc


Successfully in business for 30 years, writer and motivational speaker, Marvin LeBlanc is a professional entrepreneur whose motivational speaking is built around an ongoing active engagement in the insurance and financial services industry. He speaks on those and other experiences, and can thus connect with his audiences with real life stories. Involved with public speaking since 1979, he seeks to share his insights about three areas of interest:


1) Overcoming Adversity and Fear

2) Referral Generation

3) Best-kept Secrets of Growing Your Business

The owner of Marvelous Performance Systems, Marvin is available for business retreats, workshops, conventions, banquets, seminars and other functions designed to build teams, empower employees and inspire individuals to achieve their dreams.

About Marvin LeBlanc

A full-blooded Cajun boy from a small south Louisiana town known as Duplessis (25 miles from Baton Rouge,) Marvin LeBlanc graduated in 1986 from Louisiana State University where he earned varsity letters for four years on a full student-athlete scholarship, studied sports medicine, and served as an athletic trainer for LSU football.

In 1987, Marvin became a "commission only insurance agent," and has been "eating what he kills" for 23 years as a passionate, full-time, fully engaged, overly optimistic insurance agent. He, along with many others, experienced a life-defining, life-altering event on August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina damaged all 27,000 homes in Louisiana's St. Bernard Parish:

“My office in St. Bernard received 12 feet of water. We would never return to do business or occupy that office again after August 29th. Though I did not have a permanent office until April 1st of 2006, I still needed to maintain my business. Yet, all but one of my employees were gone and hundreds of my customers were no longer in the state. I could not insure them, so all that income was lost.”

Marvin LeBlanc is an eight-course Dale Carnegie graduate and certified instructor on the book Split Second Choice: The Power of Attitude, written by his mentor Jim Winner.

Recognized as an "honored citizen" of St. Bernard parish and given the "keys to the city" for his community involvement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Marvin was never one to be in politics or put election signs up, never one to even attend parish government council meetings. But he was drawn to action, and he became one of the charter members of the St. Bernard Citizens Recovery Commission.

Today, Marvin is called upon to bring not only wisdom and insight gained from his years in the insurance and finance industries, but also to empower others through his unique sharing of lessons and techniques from years of corporate and leadership training and motivational programs. Finally, Marvin brings a passionate presence to his presentation, one that has not been doused but rather has been doubled in the process of overcoming adversity after Hurricane Katrina. Read articles and keynote topics here and contact Marvin for more information or to arrange a speaking engagement.

Some of Marvin's Dreams

1. Can you help Marvin see a Green Bay Packer's home game and speak the day before or after that game?

2. Can you help Marvin play a round of golf at Augusta National and speak the day before or after to a group?

3. Can you help Marvin spend several days whitewater rafting, in the Grand Canyon, sleeping on natural sand bars, with a speaking engagement before or after that event?

4. How about a scenic motorcycle trip with Honda Goldwingers or fellow "cruisers"? Sorry, no crotch rockets for Marvin.

5. Can you help Marvin inspire your group with his real-life stories while still sleeping at his home in Gonzales, LA the same night?

Tell Marvin your suggestions for even better trips. He values your opinions.

Motivational speaker Marvin LeBlanc inspires his listeners with his unique vision, experience, and passion. Connect with him and his story for unforgettable motivational speaking. Be significant today.

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