Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP
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Jefferson, LA 70181-0545

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Professional Motivational Speaker - For Meeting Planners

Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP
- Certified Instructor for the program Split Second Choice - The Power of Attitude

- 8 Course Dale Carnegie Graduate

Motivational Speaker, Leadership Training, Teamwork Training
LUTCF (Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow)
CNP (Certified Networking Professional)
Charter Member of the St. Bernard Citizens Recovery Commission

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“In the end, it really wasn't about SURVIVING the storm. Rather, it was more about learning how to dance in the rain!”

Marvin LeBlanc is a professional entrepreneur who built a thriving business in the insurance and finances industry for 30 years, and who is still actively engaged in his business in New Orleans, Louisiana. A Dale Carnegie graduate and corporate training specialist, Marvin is available to motivate and inspire:

  • Dynamic people with initiative and vision
  • Insurance agents and associations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales professionals
  • Colleges, universities, high schools
  • Home-based businesses
  • Network marketing organizations

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From Katrina to Chairman's Circle
The Four Critical Phases of Attitude
Mind Boggling vs. Mind Bundling
Overcoming Fear
Old School Goal Setting
Too Many Referrals to Get To
Shrimp Net Selling
Resistance: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
What Your Team Members Want

Because of his life long pursuit of personal growth and development, it will come as no surprise that Marvin is a member of several study groups. He credits Vistage International , a global leadership organization for chief executives, as pivotal in bringing his business to the next level. Marvin brings the innovative thinking and a host of new ideas to speaking engagements, inspiring participants and encouraging passionate living.


"If all other things are equal, a passionate person will outperform someone less passionate, because the passionate person attracts more people to them on a day to day basis."

Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP

Motivational speaker Marvin LeBlanc inspires his listeners with his unique vision, experience, and passion. Connect with him and his story for unforgettable motivational speaking. Be significant today.

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