Marvin LeBlanc, LUTCF, CNP
PO Box 10545
Jefferson, LA 70181-0545

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Seminar Speaker New Orleans - Past Events

Marvin LeBlanc draws on his Cajun roots and history of overcoming obstacles in the insurance industry to help his audiences overcome their own fears and roadblocks to achieving success in business. He has spoken to entrepreneurs, insurance agents, insurance trainees, and business owners, inspiring them with his stories of coming back after Hurricane Katrina, when his business was completely destroyed.

Marvin uses his own success in the insurance field and his passion for entrepreneurship into his motivational speaking. Those who have heard him speak report a renewed sense of excitement and hope for the future of their own financial endeavors, along with insights into the psychology of selling and the proper attitude necessary to grow a sales-based business. Recent speaking events have occurred in the following areas:

If your organization or business needs inspiration and encouragement to go forward and achieve monumental success, schedule Marvin LeBlanc for your next seminar or training session.

Motivational speaker Marvin LeBlanc inspires his listeners with his unique vision, experience, and passion. Connect with him and his story for unforgettable motivational speaking. Be significant today.

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