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Motivational Speaking Mobile, Alabama

In Mobile, Marvin LeBlanc had his first opportunity to speak to trainee agents. His speech, entitled “Marvelous Performance Is Always Intentional,” encouraged the trainees to purposefully strive for success. Marvin emphasized that successful performance never occurs by accident, but rather is achieved through sustainable performance over a long period of time. This was a crucial concept for the trainees, who had less than two years of experience in the field.

The speech was quite successful, and Marvin LeBlanc learned that all but one of the agents got their contracts after hearing the speech. In addition to telling his own story of success, Marvin taught about selling techniques and the psychology of landing a successful sale throughout the speech. He also showed the interns how attitude can be the deciding factor in landing a contract.

To have Marvin LeBlanc come to your business as a motivational speaker to teach your trainees about consistent performance, contact him today to check his availability.

Motivational speaker Marvin LeBlanc inspires his listeners with his unique vision, experience, and passion. Connect with him and his story for unforgettable motivational speaking. Be significant today.

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