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Jefferson, LA 70181-0545

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Best Motivational Speaker - Testimonials

“I was in operations 16 years and have been in agency 21 years. The company always has speakers from everywhere for our meetings. For whatever it's worth, it was a consensus in my group that you have been one of the best in a long, long time.”

Danny M.

"Marvin takes care of you and yours in the most professional manner—call him day or night, he never sleeps—he gives high energy a new name—I endorse his business ethics and his personal friendship means the world to me."

K. Hymel

“Agents like you make this a great company to be a part of. Outstanding presentation! I am honored to be your fellow agent. Thanks!”

Earl W.

“I spoke with your customer to thank them for their continued business. During that call, your customer stated that you are the best agent he's ever had. He also stated that you are like family and he wouldn't ever consider switching companies. He would like to thank you for your services.”


“Marvin: You won't remember me, but I was truly affected by your testimony, it was not a canned speech! You really touched my core. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

Greg M.

Motivational speaker Marvin LeBlanc inspires his listeners with his unique vision, experience, and passion. Connect with him and his story for unforgettable motivational speaking. Be significant today.

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